Join the American Revival Movement Fast and Pray Initiative

Join the ARM for Christian Values Initiative:

Starts on the 19th of February Because of the Fast Free Week that Precedes It.



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ARM for Christian Values Fast and Pray Initiative

What does ARM mean? American Revival Movement for Christian Values (ARM for Christian Values) The Initiative Is:

The Weekly Fast for A Godly Politics and Peace

Here’s How to Do It:

Fast Every Wednesday

From 6:00am until 6pm Pray When You Begin the Fast at 6am and When You Break the Fast. Three Break-Fast Points: 11am, 3pm and 6pm.

The first break-fast point is 11:00 am , (you break your  morning fast at 11:00am, you started it at 6:00am or whenever you first got up Wednesday morning).  You break the first extended fast at the  3:00pm Break-Fast point, and  you break the last extended at /or after the 6:00pm Break-Fast point, if you can make it that long. For those who can attend Vespers services or Bible Studies, you can break the fast after the service; and during the Bible Study that you attend.

Tell your friends that you are taking your prayer ritual up one level by Fasting for President Trump and His domestic and foreign policies. Fasting for our Nations, our Families, Friends, even our Enemies.  Like Jonah, we must Fast and Pray, Like the Ninevites We must pray in all humility and hope in the Lord’s Mercy and Deliverance,  Like  Ancient Christian States before the Invading Agents of Destruction , domestic or foreign, we must appeal to Our Lord Jesus Christ, fasting and praying, performing works of salvation for our souls and the soul of our Nation and our Neighbour’s. , Loving our Enemies, with Truth and Not Compromise.

Reference Scripture For this Initiative __Matt 17: 10-21