Globalists Are Using Puppet Churches to Enslave Humanity

Source Russian Faith Fr. Zechariah Lynch(The Inkless Pen) Dec 3, 2019| 720 words  2,017  Comments

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In America, we have a convenient delusion that is maintained through various means. This delusion is the “separation of church and state.”

On the contrary, the U.S. Government is most willing to utilize “religion” for the propagation of its agenda. In fact, it is, I believe, not a stretch to posit that the current global agenda is extremely religious in nature. It is not at all anti-religious, it is, although, completely anti-christian. (Those who advocate for “separation of church and state” in America are the very ones involving the church and state in other countries. The tactics are two sides of the same coin.)

A new global mind and narrative must emerge. For this to happen the “old” mind must be eradicated – Christianity, specifically Orthodoxy. I recommend Jay Dyer on this topic. He has done extensive and well-researched work on the topic. One may find talks on this topic at his web site, here is one for starters.

It is vital to understand that the current system is very interested in religion and the control thereof. The current anti-christian fruit in Rome is a manifestation of this agenda. De-christianized Christianity. 

So it is not surprising at all when tremors begin to emerge that Joe Biden and others in the US government are at current putting pressure on the Patriarch of Jerusalem to recognize the false and schismatic group in Ukraine.

This also helps to create a context for the “recognition” of this group by the Church of Greece and the Alexandrian Patriarchate.

Joe Biden and his compadres have been active in Ukraine on various levels for many years now. The current “scandal” in the American presstitute revolving around Ukraine is but a desperate attempt to distract from the reality that Biden, while serving under Obama, was involved in criminal looting of an already impoverished country for his own personal gain.  This is not surprising.  I was reading about this years ago. Here is an article from 2014 addressing US looting of Ukraine. Here is another.

Now the perceptive person will begin to connect the dots. Biden is also very connected to the Ecumenical Patriarch. He received the Athenagoras “human rights” award from the EP and Greek Archdiocese of America.

Early on in the process of carving out a globalist religious group in Ukraine, Biden met with Philaret (then leader of the schismatics who has since been discarded) and voiced his support for the schismatic group. Coincidence? I think not.

Biden and his son are estimated to have made around 16.5 million dollars on the backs of Ukrainians. What a great human rights warrior!

The schismatic group in Ukraine is but one example of the current global power’s willingness to utilize “religion/church” as a tool for its goals. It has no desire to maintain separation of “church and state;” it has every intention to infiltrate and manipulate. It very much wants a form of “orthodoxy” which will be its faithful servant.

A person may be, in their program, generally religious but he cannot be faithfully Orthodox. Thus, the agenda to create an outwardly correct “orthodox” group which has surrendered its soul to the masters of this age. A pertinent example that I have referenced in the past is Uniatism. Outwardly it looks “orthodox” but the interior is full of death – dead men’s bones. The EP and its schismatics are but fashioning a new unaitism.

It should be abundantly clear to any sober-minded person – Biden and his likes have no true concern for Orthodoxy or Ukraine. One must also ask – why are the likes of these intricately connected to the creation of the schismatic group under the EP in Ukraine? There is a very good answer and it has nothing to do with the seeking of the heavenly Kingdom.

It is also very concerning that the EP and others are so willing to work with such anti-Christian persons.  They are working for the same neo-ecumenical goals – a merging of state and religion to create a pan-religious spirituality which will globalize humanity. The globalist evangelists are fervent in spreading their religion.

The pressure will only increase.

Fr. Zechariah Lynch is an Orthodox priest in Pueblo, Colorado, at the Archangel Michael Orthodox Church. He blogs at The Inkless Pen, and is a regular contributor at Russian Faith.