We are all created by God. This online newspaper promotes this biblical understanding and seeks to underscore this basic commonality between human beings. It explores cultural, political and spiritual issues with this principle as its guide. It promotes limited government and maximum civic involvement. It seeks to promote accurate news reporting and articles written by people who are on the ground, living the day to day.

We will act as a news aggregate of domestic and foreign news that seems to have relevant, accurate and transparent news sources. We will try to extenuate the positive where ever we can, in all areas of news reporting that we are concerned with.

Thanks so much for taking a look at us. This is underwritten by the HeartSoul Ekonomia Institute’s Westphalian Republic Society. In addition to this we are also going to be working on launching our xenOikos Bread Company Grain to Bread Project as well,  launching in Spring of 2019, for our event Fall Harvest Bread Bake.



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