the Kith and Kin Observer

Reporting For The Community of Mankind Made In the Image of God

I want to talk about human relations in a different way: I want  represented here a emerging picture of the human spirit, no matter who you are, what your race is, whether you are male or female.   I want to inspire people to act for good, for all of mankind. I want us not to forget lessons wrought in the missteps of the past.

I want to state that the Kith and Kin Observer is Anti-Ecumenical Movement, it believes the modern push to create a pan Unia is against the True Church of God, and that the heterodox-driven ecumenical movement doesn’t address the dangerous and harmful differences that do exist within the Heterodox. Still, it believes as the Church believes that God’s grace is available to all who will accept it in Truth. Kith and Kin operate from the understanding and belief that the Orthodox Church has the fullness of Truth and Grace. In the spirit of Constantine Porphyurogenitus’s loving and theological sound letter to his son in the De Administrando Imperio, Kith and Kin support coalitions that support the basic Christian philosophy of governance and of life before God. In that manner, we participate, as did St. George the Great Martyr in fighting those forces which through the government attempt to destroy and pervert the Great Mission of God to save the souls of His people. When we are asked to compromise our Faith, by the atheists or the heterodox, we would pray that St. George the Great Martyr would, the Blessed Mother of God, and all the Saints will succor us and give us Strength, to endure until the end.

Kith and Kin Observer does not deny the universal humanity of mankind, or the fact that events in the history of the World have shaped us, and in some cases, propelled us into the open arms of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Soon we will be soliciting stories of the Faithful. Were you in world war II, in Europe, the United States, in or any other continent such as Africa, China, Eurasia, or the Middle East? Where were you during the presidencies of  Roosevelt, Truman, Clinton, Bush……Reagon or Carter…or….???

Were you involved in any other wars or political movements? Kith and Kin Observer want to hear your personal story, and how these movements and events helped you to realise Christian values in your life, and how you try and live out those values today.

This is just a sample of the topics, it is an experiment. Most definitely current topics will be covered as well, however, I want to present those to the best of my ability in a sane, rational, and compassionate way, with historic context both spiritual and political.  I want to talk about history, the spiritual history of man and God, and man with his fellow travelers on this earth. I feel that we view things too much in a secular way….we need to acknowledge God who has the governments of all the world on His shoulders. But we are responsible as well, we must know that, certainly, and act accordingly.

This is a newspaper site as well- which is why it is called the Kith and Kin Observer. My bias is that I supported President Trump, but now I support President hopeful Ron DeSantis. I support the Constitution in an originalist manner; I am conservative in that I want to preserve traditional Christian values, and thus traditional human roles in the family, work, and political life. I don’t mean a secular understanding of work and political life, as there are many Christian women who were leaders, empresses, and business owners as well as professionals. This history is not told to the people. I believe in a compassionate society.  I think that people who cannot afford health care should be given free health care, following the example in the Christian tradition of the unmercenary healers…

I believe in industry, private and public as a type of spiritual medicine for individuals and for nations.  It seems to me the capitalistic model is the best model to create jobs, and maintain an economically just society, as long as people follow sound spiritual principles. Work is a type of medicine, the welfare state attempts to disrupt that medicine to make mankind dependent on the material while trying to take the place of the spiritual with superficial distractions. The welfare state perverts the compassionate model of helping others, by enslaving those it helps.

I believe Sunday should be reserved for the worship of God, as it has been set aside by the Creator. In this way, the values of the Church will be taught again to the people. People should not be punished for wanting to worship on Sunday rather than working on Sunday.  They shouldn’t be forced to choose between the material or the Spiritual.

Schools should not stand in the place of parents’ teachings and recognize that God’s economy governs all.

War should be for defensive measures only.

This is the Kith and Kin Observer. And it is dedicated to contributing to the process of bringing and maintaining peace in our times, for as long as it is humanly able to do so.